Monday, June 4, 2012

Either here or there.

I don’t know which one’s better – to be on your own and not give anyone the power to move you or to be happily in love and give yourself completely to someone. Both make you feel great and lousy, whenever they have to.

I’ve always maintained the fact that we *can* control our feelings, we can stop ourselves from going beyond that line only if we be a little more observant of our actions but now when I’m in the middle of something, none of that makes sense. I know I should control but this time maybe I don’t feel like it and why should I? Why should think before doing something because it might not turn out well in future? Why should I get in all the complications that being practical entails and spoil what I have now?

You can never be both. You’re either on this side, loving hopelessly or you’re using your head and just staying out of the madness and when you try to act fancy by juggling both, you must know that you’re in deep shit because you’re hanging and we know the thing about hanging – it ends with you falling flat on your face.