Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh sweet brother of mine!

Families are such a twisted concept, no? We don’t choose them, we’re given them and we just need to accept them. And as we grow up, we start seeing every family member as an individual. Most of the times we love but sometimes we aren't able to love. And that kills you because in your mind all that’s going on is - they’re family!

Every family has issues. If you’re living together, that’s bound to happen but I guess we need to make the best of it and take it in our stride. There’s always a reason for the ever protective mother, the drama queen of a grandmother, the intruding grandfather, the bratty younger sister or the really strict father. They make you and the path you choose to take is in your hands. You can either go the “wrong” way and resort to door banging every time something happens or you can choose to see the bright side and learn how NOT to be.

My brother’s 17 now and I remember how I used to panic about never being able to get through to him because all we used to do was fight. Fight for every little thing. “What a child!", I used to think to myself and get mad at him and now things are so different. I forgot that at that time, he WAS a child and now he’s growing up and as he’s growing up, we’re talking, we’re joking around, we’re having fun along with the screaming and shouting. I was never the girl who had an awesome relationship with her brother but now even though it’s not awesome, we’re getting there.

He’s not a child anymore and I should stop treating him like one. What he feels, matters ..what he has to say, needs to be heard. And I want to be there for him not because he’s my brother but because I like the way he is. One thing's for sure, he’s at the peak of his "teenager phase" and I can’t deal with teenagers. Period.

I just hope someday we’ll look back and laugh at all this and be there for each other whenever need be.


  1. hah. apart from the general relationship maintaining, he is going to look for a little advice too from you every now and then. :)

  2. It's unfortunate how much I can relate to this - but I wish you luck and hope that one day the both of you are friends.