Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grey's Anatomy is love.

I sometimes wonder why I like Grey’s. Why do I go mad watching Grey’s Anatomy when it actually makes me weep at the end of almost every episode? People come up with the most absurd sicknesses. People die. People leave. George (!!!) and Izzie are no longer in the show but I still go ahead and watch it. Does it distract me from what’s going on in my life or what?

No, it’s more than a mere distraction. I’m completely in love with every character in the show. I love the way Shonda has crafted them. So well thought of, so real. Like when Yang says she wishes she wanted a child but she knows she doesn’t how much ever she tries, I understand that feeling. And when Meredith says that she can’t draw the line between right and wrong, I start nodding like a freak.

Every episode leaves me with something. Every episode has a takeaway. And the best episodes are those that turn out to be creepily similar to what’s happening in your life. If not the situations, the emotions - something that just clicks.

They should make a book of Grey’s quotes. And that shall be my bible.


  1. One of my good friends is obsessed at that show, watching it over and over :-)

  2. I am so so in love wid d show. I dun remember when was the last time I slept widout watching s show. Its like it has become a part of my being!

  3. Tell you what. write those quotes down. here. and then get back to read them when you are low.

    and thanks for the idea! :)

  4. I recently told someone that, people pay for therapy, I watch Grey`s Anatomy ;) Happy to meet a like minded soul ;)

  5. Grey's is LOVE!

    Btw you can check out this page:


  6. You will finish a year soon from writing here! Write back soon!