Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The control freak.

There are times when you need to take control of the situation and there are times when you should just let go. Knowing when to do what is the crucial part. Being the control freak I am, I find it necessary to always take control of the situation. The last time I did it, I screwed up. So this time, I've adopted this whole new approach and that is to not take control at all. If there's even the slightest place where I "can" let go, then I will. Well, I've told a gazillion people to let go and I'm sure you know that it's a lovely feeling but its very very difficult to implement. You can't 'just' let go. And the day you finally do, you realize the how much of a burden you were carrying. Iit's amazing and how much time one takes to get there differs from person to person.

I'm a solution giver. I was actually proud of it at one point of time. If you're telling me your issues, the first thing I do is give you solutions because hell that's the way I deal with a situation but that's not how everyone is. Maybe they just want someone to hear them out. Maybe all they want to do is vent. It's happened a couple of times, when I gave my "expert" solutions and all I heard was "I didn't ask for a solution" and I just stared blankly. So what am I supposed to do? If hmm-s and haaa-s are all they want to hear then sure, that's easy (right?)

People are weird. I am weird. You are weird. We're just all so different from each other and when it comes to wanting someone in your life, it all depends on how much of the other person's differences are you willing to accept. It's as simple as that. Or so I think. And acceptance my child, can be quite a bitch. Yes what is not a bitch these days. Everything is so bitchy. This world is full of bitches. Ya I know I'm digressing *snap*

The scary part is when you lose the thin line between willing to accept and compromising. If you do the latter, thinking you're being this accepting creature, then one day it will bite you in the ass and oh does that hurt or what!

P.S: Feels great to be able to write again in a flow. Just typing whatever's waiting to come out and before you know it, you've said whatever you wanted to in the best possible manner and then 'publish post' it is :)


  1. Exactly! I would never take suggestions and advices..but would like to vent. And I dont even have much solutions to ofeer, cos I believe someone's problem is entirely that person's. Unless someone asks for it

  2. // The scary part is when you lose the thin line between willing to accept and compromising.//

    So true !

  3. @WomanInLove: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

    @Advani Nilesh: :D

    @Rohit: :)

  4. Being a control freak can really be a pain in the ass sometimes.

    I liked your post :)

    I'm more or less the same :)

  5. haha, loved this one! I adore the layout of ur blog u knw. The writing, (font) Talks to me ! :)

    Ps- my first tym here, and i am lovin it already :)

  6. Now that is so sweet! :)
    Thank you so much!