Monday, August 29, 2011

People replace people.

Who ever said that some new people don't replace some old ones in your life was wrong. I came in terms with this bitter truth long back and for quite some time, I didn't want to accept it because it just sounded so sad. Truth is, that is exactly what happens. Look back and see if there are people who were an important part of your life once don't fit in your life anymore. You'll find a replacement for each and every one of them now.

So you either find a replacement or you get replaced. I got replaced and I don't feel shitty about it anymore. "He gives her what I used to give her" - it's as simple as that. There are times when it just randomly strikes me and then I do feel terrible about it but the thing is that nothing, absolutely nothing can be done about it.

That's how life is. People move in, people move out and sometimes people just make sudden, random exits that catch you off guard and there you're left wondering how you didn't see that one coming along. Jeez.

I haven't found for a replacement for her as yet but I'm okay. I don't find the need to share such a relationship with anyone else as off now at least. I won't even say I miss her. I just miss her sometimes. I don't know why I had to add that 'sometimes' there. Maybe it's because, in the course of time, I saw her change and that 'change' didn't fit in my life anymore. Maybe it's that?


So, last week was super duper crazy and hectic. I just remember running around the whole day, working for the college fest and then coming home and dying on the bed. And you know what? I loved it. I loved being busy and I hope to die a workaholic. Haha. Bye.

(FYI, the 'she' in this post refers to someone who was once my closest friend)


  1. I won't even say I miss her. I just miss her sometimes.

    and that sometimes, sometimes gets you to stick to her. should you let go of that faint thread thats still there? course you should. but you will take ur sweet time doing it. sadly.

  2. :(
    Something I am experiencing right now..
    But yeah, ppl replace you and you replace ppl..and life goes on...its hard to come in terms with.

  3. Hota hai. Kuch zyda hi hota hai. And its always so unexpected...the change doesn't sink in you.

    But thats life I guess. Nothing's permanent here.

    And its true..We do find replacements.

    Its so gooood to be busy :)

  4. Totally agree with everything you said..

  5. I suppose it isn't "replacement" exactly. Sometimes it's just good timing. Occasionally, when a person exits your life, you're lucky enough to have someone else enter, and distract you from your loss. You tend to get preoccupied with your current relationship, and gradually the memory of the older one fades away. Most people are only too willing to let go of the past, since it's usually unpleasant.
    People can't be replaced - they aren't objects or belongings. So, if it's any consolation, you haven't been replaced. Your friend was lucky enough to begin a new relationship when yours ended.

  6. @The Blue Periwinkle: Yeah. Life goes on ..

    @Sugar Cube: Change is the only constant in life as they say! Sucks but true!

    @Soumya: Hmmm :)

    @Insignificant: 'Occasionally, when a person exits your life, you're lucky enough to have someone else enter, and distract you from your loss.' - Yes, this totally happens but the scenario I'm talking about isn't that. I'm talking about a scenario where you're already present in the person's life and she stops trying to make the friendship work subconsciously. And when you trace it back, you realize it's because of this third person. I know the way I'm saying it projects her to be the villain but no, that's not the case. It's just life.

  7. Oh man.. I'm almost getting out of something similar.. yeah sometimes i miss her.. ( and i really don't know why :| ) ...
    Life has to go on anyway.. :)

  8. Yes Viya, life HAS to go on :)
    And acceptance is a beautiful thing.