Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why, oh why!

Why are some people so awesome?
Why am I always hungry?
Why are some people so sorted?
Why do some people have the perfect nose?
Why do I love sleeping so much?
Why can't it stop raining already?
Why am I always late?
Why can't Bombay have Metro?
Why do I love procrastinating?
Why am I so obsessed with my hair?
Why have I never had cute neighbours?
Why is Delhi so far?
Why is Ranbir Kapoor so hot?
Why is Tusshar Kapoor .. not so hot?

Okaaaay. I see CAKEEE. Bye!

I was just bored. Don't kill me


  1. It's okay..Its your blog, do as you please. :)

    Metro - I am excitedly looking forward to it..

    Hair - I am as obsessed..In fact, I am tempted to straighten my hair again..

  2. haha :D And Why did I read this a day late ? :D

  3. @Isha: Yay! Haha :D

    @Swats: Even I am SUPER tempted to straighten it again! Gah!

    @Serendipity: Yes! Why? Why? Why? :P

  4. though its a why there...
    to this post I would say

    Whuaat!! ?? :D