Monday, October 3, 2011

What eventful days! Whattosay!

The last few days were crazy. I learnt that I'm down with corneal injury and before I knew it, I was stationed at home with my life revolving around my bed, my eye loaded with eye drops and of course the creature I would see in the mirror everyday would scare me every time I managed to take a glance.

Who would have known that one random statement which went like "I don't want to give these exams ya!" would have actually come true and here I am jobless and vella as ever while all my friends are struggling with the portion. The next few lines are super predictable and you don't get a chocolate for guessing - I rather be giving the exams man! :|

Anyhoo, so after all the crying and the thinking and the 'accepting', I'm finally okay with this whole corneal injury business. Sounds damn fancy I must say. And when doctors go like "This is one of the worst cases I've ever seen", it just makes me think what I actually did with my eye! Like WHAT!

Okay so coming to what I actually wrote this post for.
The day I fell sick and was told that I would take at least 15 days to recover, I saw all my plans come crashing down. I mean, I had so much to do. Exams, meet people, go for a mini vacation, work and what not! I couldn't afford to lie around like some jobless thing! I didn't know what to do. I don't believe in God or any supernatural being. I don't chant or anything. But at that moment, I found myself questioning the 'universe' (let's put it that way) and I was just desperately hoping that some miracle happens and I get out of this as soon as possible. But you know, nothing was helping. Nothing assured me even for that moment that things will be alright. I think that's where faith comes in. When you believe in God or something, it just helps you come in terms with those adverse situations at that moment and it calms you down. You can stop crying and go like "Ya, god's there. I'll be fine" and you pray your ass out. No, I'm not going all endorsing any idea as such. I'm just tracing out a believer's and a non-believer's state of mind. And I don't know about any other non-believer but there have been times when I've felt like - what if there's a God or should I just believe in him blindly too. But then again, that hardly lasts 10 seconds.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you believe in. What you believe in, works for you and that's about it.

I typed all this with one proper eye and one blurred. Okay now go all 'awwwwwwwwwwwh'
Lol. Bye bye!

Let me get all preachy on this note and say - Don't ever ever ever take your eyes for granted. You need those precious little things for each and every thing! And if you wear contact lenses, clean them a zillion times before wearing them. Wake up an hour before if you are prone to getting late. I don't care. Do whatever! Now, as soon as I step out of home, I shall go specs hunting and get myself ooh-lala oh so sexy specs!

See you!


  1. So yes, nothing about timing of the post this time!
    btw- try being Jack Sparrow for a few days.
    Have fun! :D

    Also something I found for your one eye to read -
    Have fun read! :D

  2. you also need your ears. and now that the eyes are resting, its the perfect time to try out loads of music :)

    see you in the specs soon.

  3. @Rushabhh: Sweet! :D

    @Raj: Music! Yes :)

  4. You have eye problems as well? High-five!

  5. And a high-five moment it is! ;)

  6. Nice post!! pretty engaging... I'll love to visit your blog again. :)