Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just one of those thoughts..

It’s almost embarrassing to think that you were even involved with anybody at all who today obviously doesn't hold the same place in your life anymore. Those silly things you did, the fact that you thought it would work, the times when you could just imagine spending the rest of your life with that person. Ughh. To think that I ever gave that position to some people in my life just makes me want to hide my face.

Yes I know that we must not regret. And this post is not about me regretting my past choices or anything. It’s just a random thought which crossed my mind and I know how I've conveniently ignored all the positives here but that's the point of this post. There are a lot of things to be grateful about too but yeah.

It’s like at one point of time, you were SO sure and now you just happen to come across his picture and you can't help but think what happened! But then again, such is life*

I can feel the romantic in me die slowly. And unless some miraculous thing (which is Idon'tknowwhat) happens, in no time, I’ll be bidding goodbye to that part of me. 

And I don’t really know if I'll miss it..

*"Such is life" has got to be my mantra considering how much I use it.


  1. Doing "worthwhile" things is the best way to make a happy life. And a good relationship is usually found when you are already happy and not looking for one. Finding a happy relationship should be icing on the cake and not the focus of one's existence, which will only make you miserable.

    No advice, just a thought. :)

  2. Reminds me of an Incubus lyric "I'm kicking myself that I shared spit with you. Woah ho ho!" :P Have had plenty of those "Yikes!" moments.

  3. //I’ll be bidding goodbye to that part of me.//

    Being romantic means following the heart. Keeping away from it means acting out of the head. We all seem to like certainty in our ways. So foolish people say, ALWAYS follow your heart, it's ALWAYS right; intellectuals/spiritualists say ALWAYS listen to your head, emotions are illusions, destructive etc. Both are extremes. To be the former is to be too careless (which is obviously wrong); to be the latter is to seek perfection (which is an impossible ideal).

    What I have figured out of late is that best is when heart and head work in tandem. And no, in this middle way, there's no certainly at any point. There will be moments of dilemmas as to what to follow, heart or head; and we have to act according to the moment's requirement while not making any "rules" about it.

  4. @Atrisa: Haha! Yeah, I guess I'm not the only one *phew*

    @Darshan: You're absolutely right. Rules never work anyway, I'm not even getting there :P

  5. hmm u def arnt the only one, however let the romantic in you not fade away, we should always cherish the moments and move on, cause the person who is menat for us, might be standing around the corner (im a hopeless romantic) :P

  6. it makes you want to bang your head on the wall then punch it then bang your head again and think, what the fuck were you thinking.

    about the being romantic part, you wont miss it. you will only just grow up.

  7. @Menachery: Lol, I used to be one too!

    @Raj: Oh I LOVED the last line. Made my day.

  8. If we were to sit and contemplate about life so seriously, if we were to get really practical and shove people away whom you are not sure of, then what is life but a mere stagnant living?
    Be happy that they were a part of your past and if you feel guilty about having them in your life, then take it as a lesson learnt. Mere conspiracy by God you see :D

    Nice to have come across ur blog

  9. @Red Handed: Right. Very true! Thanks :)