Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our time here is over.

I'm one of those who are really slow in realizing the importance of what they have while they have it. And when it's finally gone, reality dawns over me and "happy realization" it is!

We had our graduation ceremony today and I was just thinking about how everyone's going to cry on the farewell day and I won't even feel half as bad because hell there was a time when I couldn't wait to be done with this college and the travelling and the early morning classes and the guilt pangs! Just when I thought I would be relieved, I realized maybe that's not it. Maybe I will miss this college and my friends and our class and everything that came with these three years of my time spent there. 

Sure life was hard when I initially started off. I hated that place. I hated every bit of it. I couldn't wait to run out of college every afternoon and be with 'my' people, the familiar people. But that's how it is right? Even when you don't want to face some things, life some how just pushes you to and you realize that you can face it and that it's not as bad as you had imagined it to be. It was all so unexpected and it's amazing to see how things worked out because I actually thought I'll turn out to be some miserable wreck by the end of these three years. 

I seriously don't know if this feeling's got more to do with the fact that college is over or that it's that time when the 'big change' comes knocking at your door. There's no 'we'll cross the bridge when it comes' because this is it, the bridge has come and there's no turning back. This is where we take off. This is where it starts all over again.


  1. Congratulations. :)

    And no, I am not asking you, "What's Next?". :P

    Life some how just pushes you to and you realize that you can face it and that it's not as bad as you had imagined it to be... I can totally relate to this part..

    I guess we all have these preconceived notions..about things, events and ppl..


  2. Woww!!!! since i'll be graduating in a couple of months, so i guess i will go through exactly what ur going through now :/

    Though somehow this time I dont wanna start all over again.... :(

    1. Ya who wants to start all over again but we got to do what we got to do :)

  3. its just happy realization. :)
    dont overthink it.

    This is where it starts all over again. keep that.

  4. I felt the same. Roughly 18 years ago.

    I'm still around. Things haven't changed much - 'cept we bunk work sometimes. we get paid to attend work, sometimes hate it (not the pay) :)

    Tell you what. Nothing really changes. Waist size perhaps...but..nothing much else. :)

    Will return for more.

    1. Haha maybe :)
      But these moments ..will never come back. Sure, we'll make new ones but still.
      Yes, do keep visiting!