Sunday, February 3, 2013

Of longgg distance relationships.

Thinking of entering a long distance relationship? Let me help u with it. DON'T. It sucks to the core. It wont let u live peacefully. All you'll do is be on the phone or skype at best. So much, that after a point of time you'll realize that u're  actually in a relationship with ur fucking phone. And then u're going to start hating talking on the phone too.

Oh not only that it will also burn a hole in ur wallet. Thanks to the phone bills and the trips u're going to have to make to see each other. People say crap like the good thing is that you'll at least look forward to seeing each other and that when u're with each other u won't fight. Let me tell u its all bullshit. U know why u wont fight, its because u would have fought a million times on the phone already. Who has energy left right? Nothing, absolutely nothing can make up for seeing each other everyday and those hugs that can fix almost anything.

Ya so unless you are in  5 year long relationship or something before a long distance, dont even think of entering one. Also, if u're so dead sure about ur partner that u know that in spite of the distance, the arguments and every other crappy thing a long distance gets along with it, he/she is the one for u. When u have the patience to wait and the confidence in what u share with each other, that's when you know u're up for one.  So that's the only question u need to answer,  really.

Note: this post was written in a fit of anger but it's surely not worth forgetting. So there!


  1. its a classic dilemma. long distance isnt for everyone :)

    though yes i dont know one set that has survived a long distance. okay theres one. but they got married after two years of constant breaking up.

  2. Hey...don't be so pessimistic re. I have been in one for quite some time now. You are right, nothing can make up for those hugs and all, and the best thing is to see that person every other day. But when you consider someone more important than your ego and every moment speaking to that person brings a twinkle in your eye, it sure is worth it. As I said, I have been in long distance for quite some time now. Even at the end of mu very busy day with classes and lectures and seminars and all that, that hour or so when I talk to him, is my favourite time of the day :)

  3. I have been in long-distance relationships. They most certainly can work if both people are willing :)

  4. I am in one. But it followed a 4yr relationship so its cool. But yes, NowI am in a relationship with my phone and I absolutely loath it!
    Btwthe fight is worth forgetting. The cuteness of the guy always prevails. :(