Friday, November 25, 2011

Because I might just burst out any second.. tears or in anger. Either one.

I need to control my anger before I end up murdering somebody. I just need to.
And no, breathe in breathe out techniques don't help because nothing strikes me that time.

Anger management is a must right now.
That's it.

Maybe I should meditate ..


  1. Oh whtever the reason is, I hope u get the must needed solution

  2. I am sure you are feeling better cos u scribbled your thoughts out. Blogging is an excellent outlet for powerful emotions like anger.

  3. Agree with the lady above!
    and anger management is such an ironic term.. you cannot manage anger.. it will come out in some form or the other.. if you dont vent out.. it will affect your health.. I read this somewhere.. which kinda makes sense..
    Wanna be in Perfect Health? We can overcome every illness by changing our thoughts. For example, fever & pimples are due to anger; stomach problems are due to fear of new/anxiety, headache due to self-criticism. Every morning look in the mirror say with full feelings - "I really really love you. I am super cool and calm." Try for 3 days and be ready to be shocked with your energy levels.

  4. murder. proper. i don't write so many werewolf stories for nothing. :)

  5. @Red Handed: Yes. I hope so too.

    @Swats: I always feel better after blogging :)

    @Rushabhh: Yes, I know that. But I just hope I was a little less "reactive". You know? I react way too easily to so many things. Like in the negative sense I mean. And that's like such a royal waste of energy.
    Right. It does make sense. After all, it always starts in your head.

    @Raj: Haha! :D

  6. I have not been able to do anything about it even at 57. The only thing I've succeeded in is to give it the luxury of eating me out till it has had its fill and cools down while I maintain an apparently calm exterior. Perhaps it's hereditary.

  7. Jeez! So you're telling me there's no way out? :O
    Lol. Ya I guess. "Keeping a calm exterior" ..I'll be glad if I even get there.

  8. I vent by bitching to my friends. :)

  9. Oh that again, totally helps ;)