Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Confessions of a Dramebaaz

"Chal chal drama bandh kar"


Firstly, the poor things are never taken seriously. 
Yes, that's about it. That's bad enough. And you're waiting for more?


Distractions. Screw distractions. I came online to solve a paper and I did everything else except that. From joining StumbleUpon to stalking people on Facebook to having a retarded Gtalk conversation. Every damn thing. It's like when you just have to do something, you find all the reasons to not do that exact thing. 

I need to listen to new songs. I need to get back to reading books.
So please, recommend some good ones. Thengs! Bye.

Also, I'm waiting for some fairy to appear one night and teach me tricks to tackle Quantitative Aptitude questions in those entrance exams. 
Yes, I've started believing in fairies. Also, clowns and vampires and tooth fairies and werewolves and Santa Claus.

Okay, I must solve that paper now. 
Writing a blog post was the only thing left. 
And I said bye long back.

Also I was thinking, is stomach the only way to a man's heart?
Because I don't know how to cook. And I could use a man some time. You know?


  1. Your post made me smile big. :)

    Stomach is just one of the many ways to a man's heart I guess. One of the foolproof ways is 'to be yourself'.

    You gotta read Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.

    My friend recommended Edward De Bono's "How to Have a Beautiful Mind".

    Good luck for your entrance exams.

  2. No; but keeping him guessing may do the trick, if you want to 'use a man some time'.

    Let me assure you, men are more stupid and vulnerable than they appear to be, esp. in the presence of women.

  3. a perfect midnight before exam post!

  4. @Swats: THANK YOU! For, the recommendations and that lovely comment! :)

    @Syed Ali Hamid: Hahaha! Are they? Then that sounds easy :P

    @Rushabhh: Listen, you always get the time wrong. I don't know how! Maybe blogger shows the wrong time. I wrote this yesterday morning! Lol. And apparently, you love commenting on the timing of the post!

  5. lol - ab mein kuch nahi kar sakta iska!

  6. Hahahahaha. For the last line.

  7. Way to a man's heart? if not the stomach, also the little area right below the stomach. perhaps? :P

    Exam time sucks, yes.

  8. Books!!! Books!!! Books!!! Hmmmm try reading dan brown's angels and demons. Its awsm and also rage of angels by Sidney Sheldon. Its wayyy beyond awsm

  9. Songs - Check out this band called 'Cake'.

    Books - Depends on what you like. I'd recommend a reading of 'Disgrace' by JM Coetzee to every girl. Brilliant read.

    And if you learn any clever tricks to master those quant questions, kindly send me a mail with those tricks and tips. :D