Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disconnected snippets.

My nani gets tired of me and tells my mum:
"Etar beeye korede. Bodo jontrona de!" (Get her married. She keeps troubling me!)
HAHAHA. Grannies are the cutest creatures on this planet. Also 5 to 10 year old kids! After that they're kind of annoying and they need to be sent to stay in hostels. Okay, I'm just being cruel.

There was a time when I thought I was super smart, intellectual, so wise and so unlike many others my age. I was flying high in the sky for god knows what reason! And then something happened and I fell. And what a fall that was! Now I think I'm rather dumb and I often wonder how I was so ignorant to the dumb-ness that was staring at my face during that time.

Those who get the supplement, Times Life, must read that lovely article written on how everyone's just too busy chasing optimism nowadays. It talks about how there's no specific way to be. It's okay to not be an optimist always. It's all in your nature. You shouldn't force yourself and it's fine give in to your moods and tackle things your way.

Did anyone watch Dirty Picture? How pathetic was it? The concept was good but I hated the way they projected it. Excessive cleavage show in that movie almost makes you squirm in your seat after a point of time. The dialogues killed it even more. They were just trying too bloody hard.
BUT I think Vidya was just fabulous. What a bold step! And what an amazing performance!


  1. Awww grannys are always oh so cute.

    And I totally agree on that optimism bit, I was an eternal optimist until sometime ago but it is not a necessity to live. At times pessimism can be the synonym for practicality and it works for me too.

    Dirty Picture? Ah well, like the title suggests :)

  2. It is impossible to be optimistic at all times. We are human and sometimes, we are likely to get disgruntled with life. I try my best to maintain an upbeat attitude to life; however, there are times when I feel miserably low..but then I bounce back..

    As for TDP, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    I am totally bowled over by Vidya Balan's performance. She is an actress par excellence. With TDP, she has yet another ace up her sleeve.

    Balan has ventured off the beaten track. Takes truckloads of courage, especially at a time when others are playing complacent Barbie dolls and glam dolls. I urge everyone to look past Balan's skin show and acknowledge her acting prowess.

  3. @Soumya: True that!

    @Swats: Exactly. There was a time when I would feel miserable and then I would feel even more miserable about the fact that I wasn't being an optimist at that time! Kind of funny but that's such a wrong way to deal with things.

    Coming to TDP, even I'm bowled over my Vidya's performance and I COMPLETELY agree with all that you said. I just had an issue with the makers. I just feel it was turning out to be a really desperate attempt to make it about whatever it was.