Sunday, December 18, 2011


Ooooh 21. Without trying to sound dramatic, I swear I remember turning 15 some time back and now 21 it is. I'm not someone who's into birthday countdowns or someone who's even remotely excited about her birthday. And when there's an exam the next day, it's as good as negligible. So ya whatever.

I can't summarize this year in one word or even one sentence. More so because I don't really remember what happened in the first half of the year. Yes, I have the memory of a goldfish like that. But anyway, it was decent, it was good actually. Had some shitty moments, had some fabulous ones too.

So, to a year of disappointments, blissful moments, failed relationships, friendships lost and regained, surprises, new connections, new people, pleasant changes, stupid mistakes, corneal injury, amazing people and also a few assholes..

Let's hope the next year is even better, filled with crazy shit and fun. I'm generally scared about what's going to come my way next year but tonight, I feel inspired and fearless and I'll just go like -- bring it on, really! ;)

And *ahem* I'm 21 and a haaynnsum, tall, funny and sensible guy would totally do wonders to this year. Yes, you who's in charge of all this, I'm talking to you. After all, "ab toh bas settle hona hain yaar!" HAHA.

Okay. So happy birthday to me is?! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! :)

    I am sharing something which I wrote on last 16th December, my birthday!

  2. Belated birthday. May all your dreams come true.