Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012.

After a birthday post, ek New Years post toh banta hain :D
I'm at home this New Years.
No party.
No alcohol. 
No hogging. 

It's just me listening to music in my shorts, having maggi and enjoying every bit of the night. And that's exactly how I wanted it.
Happy 2012 world :)

Read this on Twitter --
Dear all, 2011 didn't screw up your year. You did. Also, 2012 isn't gonna make your life awesome. You're gonna have to do that yourself.

True that ;)


  1. hahahaha stole that qote and updated as my status on fb :P showwyyy :P

    Happy New Year :D

  2. Amazing! Loved your post!

    Happy 2012. May you be joyous, peaceful and harmonious.

  3. A little late but nevertheless, Happy New Year <3
    Lots of Peace & Happiness (:

  4. Check out my Vipassana article in today's BT, Page 10.