Friday, December 23, 2011

I can't. Not anymore.

I wish I could dance in public places without giving a shit about what people might think and play in the mud without worrying so much about my clothes and lick the remaining chocolate off my fingers without being told that it looks disgusting and click as many pictures as possible without worrying how I look in each and every one of them and cry my ass out till I get something I badly want and eat whatever that gets my mouth watering without thinking about weight gain and not break my head over the million entrance exams I 'plan' to give. Lastly, doing justice to the tinge of drama in me, I wish I could run down spiral stairs to see my lover waiting for me. I mean, I might still be able to do that but the lover, I doubt there will be any.

..all this after going through some old photo albums. Yes, photo albums do this to me. Hmpf.

It's tough to do all this now and it's not possible for me to become a child again especially with my back problems (I'm sorry, bad one) but anyway for now, I guess have alcohol ;)