Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Only questions. No answers.

Back when I was a HUGE fan of The Secret, I had subscribed for these Secret Scrolls which would be mailed to us regularly. That was the time when I was this crazy believer of The Secret and I found myself connecting all that happened in my life to what the book spoke about. I would also rush to recommend it to anybody and everybody even some random aunty in the lift maybe. "Oh book? You must read The Secret! It's a life changing book. Also watch the movie ..yadda yadda yadda" 

Now things are different. Why? Long story. I still agree with a few things though but I do have a lot of questions too.

Anyhoo point is, now I don't entirely believe in what the book has to say .. but nevertheless, I just happen to check the Secret Scrolls at times. I come across some that don't make much sense to me and others that make ..too much sense.

I stumbled upon one this morning. Here goes ..

To desire something is in proper accordance with the law. You attract what you desire. To need something is misuse of the law. You cannot attract what you need if you feel you need it urgently or desperately, because that emotion contains fear. That kind of "needing" keeps things away. Desire everything. Need nothing.

Why did this hit me? It's because I was "needing" a few things a bit too much recently and breaking my head over them ..
I don't know if there's a God but when such things happen, is it JUST coincidence or does crap like "the universe is talking to you" and shit actually exist? :O


  1. you know, you are something. every time i read what you write, i realize how less i know about you. :)

    you know, one is what one believes. if you believe the world is yours, it is. if you believe its aiding you, it is. if you believe its screwing with you goddammit it is!
    and about god. hes there. in the discipline. and the chaos. yada yada yada :P