Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Of self deception.

Sometimes we make things a bigger issue than they actually are, in our head. We glorify it and mull over it, not realizing how futile it is to do so. We feel it's a big deal but completely miss out on the fact that maybe it's just us. It's more like - "We've been at it for so long that not being at it, seems wrong" *. So think about all the things you're obsessing over currently, for all you know it's not all that big a deal at all. Whatever it may be.


I haven't replied to the comments on the previous post because I realized quite a few things about myself. Even though I feel like scrapping the post as of now as I no longer completely agree with it, I think I'm just going to let it be.

What happens is that you're just so used to saying certain things at times that you begin to "feel" you're like that but you don't realize that, that's not actually your reality. That's just something you gathered from talking to people or reading about it. And then when you see that your thoughts and actions don't coincide, you begin wonder what you're actually looking for. Talk about self deception.

I hope I made sense. 
*Courtesy: Raj. I loved that line. So I stole it :D


  1. When we are unsure or confused about things, we may carry all sorts of contradictory thoughts in our head. Its good that you have spilled them here. Putting them down or loud thinking does help us clear our confusion and build a better perspective on them.

  2. Thats why you blog!
    not self deception- Self realization it is! :)

  3. @Sh@s: True. That's what I love about blogging.

    @Rushabbh Gandhi: Haha! From self deception to realization!

  4. I swear it is silly to lose sleep over things that are actually insignificant.. Sometimes, I re-run stupid things in my mind..I think endlessly...I tend to over analyze things...Thankfully, I am improving...I guess v all evolve and grow with experiences good and bad..

  5. I know. Same here! What a royal waste of time.

  6. :) you know, i lately realized, even love is self deception. most of the times.